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Re: analog delays

Heyoka_face_eater (04:27 PM 01/16/01) wrote:

 >So is Mark Pulver on every mailing list known to man and electronic
 >musician alike?



 >lol - anyhow - So what I am hearing then is that the Moog
 >is THE analog delay to get. How about a close second that is to be had
 >under $400?

The Blacet Time Machine:


   $309 assembled, $229 kit, but you need to add a case and power

The price of a good analog delay is high 'cause of the price of the BBD's 
(bucket brigade delay) these days.

I helped find the chip stash that Bob bought to use in the MF-104, so I 
know what he paid for them. They're pricey. :)

John (Blacet) is using a similar part, but it offers less delay time.

Also, most (quality) analog delays will have a compressor of some sort in 
them, that helps get the characteristic sound. But it also adds to the