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Amy Denio Info

Yes yes! Amy Denio is a real favorite of mine.  not only is she an AMAZING
singer, but she writes some of the most beautiful melodies, plays 
guitar, bass, saxophone and in generally a wonderful person.....

Check out her work with the Tone Dogs (CZ records out of Portland, OR)(This
is my favorite of her work though the albums dont really reflect what the
band sounded like live),  she has some releases of solo work and her band
"The Billy Tipton Memorial Sax Quartet" on Knitting Factory, there is also
at least one release by the band Curlew that has Amy singing, the album
"Wise to the heat" by the Pale Nudes (also known as the EC Nudes) features
her singing and songwriting and accordion, and is a great starting place 
those not familiar with her work, Unit Circle Media has put out an Amy 
"greatest hits" CD which I know is available, there is also a new CD by the
European group Die Knodel that features Amy on vocals and various

There are many many more... and my very favorite of her releases are
cassettes released on her own Spoot Music back in the late 80s which are
absolutely amazing work with a simple 4 track cassette deck and amy on all
voice and instruments (relatively experimental compared to some of the
others mentioned).  Again, there are many more.  I know you can find some 
this stuff even at Amazon.com.  Also check the Unit Circle website and
Knitting Factory website.

If anyone were to want to respond to me about this posting, please do it
directly to my email as I do not get a chance every day to read this list.


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