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RE: EDP 4mb 30pin simms

        Another place to check out, albeit all of the sites are typically 
the USA is that of http://www.pricewatch.com .  At last go, it was a matter
of finding SIMMs that were faster than either 90ms or 80ms(this is the easy
part) and then making sure that you're 4MB'ers are all of the same type.
While I still had mine I tried mixing and matching for both parity and
non-parity on one of the Trace Elliot EDP's and found that parity tended to
work a little more stably.


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Try http:/www.crucial.com

Click on "search by memory type",
Select 30-pin simm

They have Fast Page Mode, Unbuffered Non-Parity 4MB Simms.
I think those will work in the EDP.