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Re: Battery Powered suggestions [busking loops]

My 2 cents worth . . .
I have the Far Outlet and it is a wonderful source for portable
electricity--runs on a small sealed acid battery.
I also have the Carvin Stage Mate, a battery powered amplifier--also
wonderful.  Both of these are almost too heavy to carry for long
distances--say, a quarter of a mile.
The other battery amp I have used is the Anchor Audio MiniVox.  It runs on 
cells and is good for over the shoulder work, like strolling.  Kinda tinny
tho . . .
BTW, I got my Ztar back and am happy to report that it is working fine,
triggering the Echoplex as well as generating audio for loops (percussion,
bass, etc).
Oh, and I saw Fabio in Benihana's on Ventura Blvd. last night.
Still no job tho--singing guitarist seeks work?
Do I need a permit to busk in Sherman Oaks?  Who do I contact?