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Re: Battery Powered suggestions [busking loops]

Only in California!  :)  One time about 10 years ago, I was standing on a
corner in Hollywood/LA with a friend of mine, testing out a big ol' Sony
BetaCam he'd bought second-hand, primarily for the audio recording 
actually... Lo and Behold, out of nowhere comes this fat cop and demands to
see our filming permit.  Threatened to take the camera too!  Somehow we
talked our way out of it - seems the cops get a big stipend in LA for
standing around and doing nothing while a shoot is going on (well, not the
shooting THEY do); bloody cheek.

I love the idea of your power unit, Alex!  How big is it, how much does it
weigh?   Would it fit into an airport carryall rack?  Schematics or some
design chart would be of great help of course.  And since you're going
through pixar, do you need any cartooning not designed by an art school
graduate?  No, really!

Stephen Goodman
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"Alex Stahl" <alex@pixar.com> put forth:
> There's a product called the "Far Outlet" (ha ha) from Galaxy Audio
> that will provide portable AC power. However I made something similar
> and cheaper with a gel-cell battery pack designed for emergency car
> starting, and a 12VDC-120VAC inverter. It was enough to power an
> Eventide H3000, DAT recorder, Mackie mixer and a Cambridge Soundworks
> Model 11 "suitcase" amp/speaker setup.