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Re: which wah pedal to buy?

I've owned way too many wah pedals over the last two years.  The one I've
finnaly settled on is the Fulltone Clyde.  It is true bypass, which is a 
thing to have in a wah pedal and it has a little adjustable dial on the 
which allows you to dial up crisp high end sweep down to throaty low end 

you can hear it at www.fulltone.com



"Hemphill, Don" wrote:

> Greetings list,
> I am planning to purchase a wah pedal for use on a Rhodes and a Hammond. 
> I
> currently have an early 80's Morley phase shifter/volume pedal and like 
> it sounds with my buddy's cry baby.  I am leaning towards purchasing the
> newer adjustable cry baby or the steve vai bad horsie by morley.
> I am interested in hearing comments and personal opinions from the list
> regarding this issue.
> Thanks!
> Don Hemphill
> Peoria, IL