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next loop

Hi, I am pretty new to this whole process, I just got an EDP and I am not
really a pro.  I play the guitar and hope to use it as a "second" guitar so
I can play some solos, etc. over what I have already laid down.

This post was just sent to the list...

On page 4-52 of the EDP User's Guide:

"If you're recording, NextLoop will terminate recording but will not
advance you to the next loop."

It's not working that way for me.

AutoRecord is on.  NextLoop gets me there, I dub, and then, instead of
NextLoop simply terminating recording, I'm sent on to the NEXT loop to
start recording THERE.  Like, it's doing what it's supposed to be doing,
but its 'second function' of termination isn't happening. 

Thanks for any sound advice,


My question is......the way the manual states it, IS working for me.  When 
start recording in a loop, and hit NextLoop, it terminates the recording.  
would like to have happen what David is describing above.   I.E.  I would
like to terminate recording one loop by starting another.  Is this 

The reason for this would be to create a couple loops, say a verse and a
chorus, the first time through a song, and then be able to play over top of
them the second time through the song, and be able to repeat a chorus more
than once, etc.

David, I am not sure what to say, I just got my EDP and it does seem to be
terminating as described in the manual....

Tom De Vries

Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada