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Video Performance 1.6.00 @Zeitgeist Gallery

Hi Folks,

I'll be performing video improvisations at the Zeitgeist Gallery, as 
part of Rob Chalfen's SubConsciousCafe Cryptognomic Music Series. I 
may be doing video duets/ensemble with Jeff Silva/Pixonics, he is 
unconfirmed at this time.

Saturday, 6 Jan. 2001 - 8:30 to 12:30  $10

Two Soul-Challenging Ensembles!

featuring members of Count Zero & Think Tree
"exotodelia nonpareille!" - Akashic Record
Peter Moore - keyboards
Eric Paull - drums
Pacey Foster - turntables
Will Ragano - guitar
Dave Geller - percussion

CLUB Z - Gods of World Trance
A talent landslide specially concocted for the occasion-
quite possibly featuring:
Mike Rivard- bass (Club D'Elf)
Russ Gershon - sax (Either/Orchestra)
Bob Weiner - percussion
Fred Stubbs - Ney
Sergio Brandao - guitar, mandolin (Manga-Rosa)
And others whos Identities we may not Reveal at this Time!

there will be beer - feel free to bring more
Zeitgeist Gallery - 312 Broadway, Cambridge - Cr. Norfolk, off 
Central Sq. 876-2182
SubConsciousCafe is a Rob Chalfen projection.
"Once the search is in progress, something will be found"

-- Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt

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