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Re: Echoplex Reliability

while I can't speak directly to the EDP, I can make a general
observation about trace construction, not great.  that said I think the
problems are more assembly than design issues, my experience with thier
amps is that having a tech go thru it and tighten this and that, secure
poorly mounted boards, tie wrap, hot glue, tighten, touchup and in
general do the QC that should have already been done can be helpful in
improving longevity and service w/o failures.

maybe it would help ease your mind to do a little pre-emptive
service/maintenance, take it to a good tech and ask him to give it a
good go over, most tech's will know what to do

a really silly loose peripheral part knocking around can frequently be
taken care of for very little money before it turns into a larger and
more expensive and frustrating issue, many future deep problems start as
small physical issues

peace,  stever