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Re: OT: gate-checking

Gary Lehmann wrote:

> Hi all--
> Just back from a job in Reno where we shared the bill with George Svoboda
> and Fred Benedetti, a classical guitar duo from here in San Diego.  I was
> surprised to see they both had Oberheim EDPs!  And they use them for some
> segments of their show (the improvised part) . . . I am sure that they 
> benefit from an update of their software, so I told them about this mail
> list and the Gibson/Trace Elliot connection.
> How close is the brand new update?  Must be right around the corner . . .
> Also they raved about the reliability of their loopers, having travelled 
> globe with their music.  That being said, I observed Fred being careful 
> his rack on the plane (he took it onboard and stowed it under the seat), 
> consider the difference between classic guitarist/professor and, oh, say,
> yer normal loop crazed electric guitarist.  Certainly baggage handlers 
> be trusted . . . I think they delight in the opportunity to test the
> durability of items checked.  In fact, one of our travellers had his bag
> damaged on this trip--he got a piece of luggage back with a broken 
> items stuffed hastily back in--so the lesson is, if you care about your
> equipment, handle it yourself.  In fact, I gate-checked my Taylor for the
> first time (on Fred's advise) and was surprised at the degree of
> cooperation--was anyone else aware that this procedure is supported
> (carrying instruments onto the plane)?  On the first leg of the journey
> (Reno to Las Vegas) I actually was able to stow the guitar overhead!
> Gary

what airline was this? i've had good and bad experiences with guitars 
ranging from being able to stow it myself to gate-checking to just plain
checking (first and last time, luckily just the case was damaged and not 
guitar). when i've travelled with electronics, i've always managed to carry
them and stow them myself. i'd be curious how they handle gate-checking at
different airlines (do they just toss it on the stack in the luggage hold, 
did they actually find some spot in the passenger compartment for it?). i
always sweat with trepidation upon approaching the airport with musical
instrument cases in hand...

funny (or tragic) anecdotes?

lance g.