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Echoplex Software update (and reliability); also gate-checking

Hi all--
Just back from a job in Reno where we shared the bill with George Svoboda
and Fred Benedetti, a classical guitar duo from here in San Diego.  I was
surprised to see they both had Oberheim EDPs!  And they use them for some
segments of their show (the improvised part) . . . I am sure that they 
benefit from an update of their software, so I told them about this mail
list and the Gibson/Trace Elliot connection.
How close is the brand new update?  Must be right around the corner . . .
Also they raved about the reliability of their loopers, having travelled 
globe with their music.  That being said, I observed Fred being careful 
his rack on the plane (he took it onboard and stowed it under the seat), so
consider the difference between classic guitarist/professor and, oh, say,
yer normal loop crazed electric guitarist.  Certainly baggage handlers 
be trusted . . . I think they delight in the opportunity to test the
durability of items checked.  In fact, one of our travellers had his bag
damaged on this trip--he got a piece of luggage back with a broken zipper,
items stuffed hastily back in--so the lesson is, if you care about your
equipment, handle it yourself.  In fact, I gate-checked my Taylor for the
first time (on Fred's advise) and was surprised at the degree of
cooperation--was anyone else aware that this procedure is supported
(carrying instruments onto the plane)?  On the first leg of the journey
(Reno to Las Vegas) I actually was able to stow the guitar overhead!