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Re: bluezette

Kim Flint wrote:
> At 8:27 AM -0800 11/15/00, Nemoguitt@aol.com wrote:
> >..........kim, did you
> >ever get your copy of BLUEZETTE?.........let me know, if it got lost 
>ill send
> >you another..........michael
> Yes, I got it! sorry for the slow reply, I've been quite busy lately. The
> Bluezette cd is great fun. I also recently got the Philter Phrenzy cd 
> Miko. In fact, I have a whole collection of CT Project cds now! There 
> is a lot creative stuff on these discs, I've really enjoyed listening to
> them. you guys are doing a great job with these projects, keep it up!
> the rest of you should check this out too, either listen or contribute 
> own stuff. I think the web site for it is http://www.loopxchange.com
thank you
you didnt go there lately as http://www.loopxchange.com _is_ the "online
for you to enjoy" site
where you can listen, download, most of our Chain Tape projects 

also a great start for our LD newbies, to get a grasp of what music this
or this smart ass you meet here plays.

should I mention that you, as our host smart ass, should definitly
contribute once to one of our projects

is your music somewhere on the net

You're welcome