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Re: Repeater ship date

I've found it pretty easy to attach the line lumps to the inside wall of
the rack, especially behind a unit that isn't very deep, like all of the
Electrix stuff. If you've got a power conditioner or a powerstrip in the
rack, at least the line lump doesn't cover up two or three spaces the way a
wall wart would.

An easy way to keep the lump in place is to staple a piece of nylon strap
to the inside of the rack, with a little strategically-placed Velcro...


At 06:56 PM 11/9/00 -0600, you wrote:
>those actually seem a bit more problematic than wall warts to me.
>sure, wall-warts take up lots of space on an outlet strip, but with
>the inline, once you rack the thing, the power supply is hanging loose...