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RE: Repeater ship date

Disappointed here. Real disappointed. Why don't you ship what you have now,
and offer us the option to upgrade the power supply direct, later, for
$10-15 more? If you don't already have some units boxed and ready to go at
this late date, then there are other problems we don't yet know about.

With all due respect and not wanting to be too harsh, is this why they call
you the "creative" director, Damon?

I guess I'm just very disappointed. I'm closing up a difficult project on
11/17 and looked at getting the Repeater as sort of a reward for a job well
done. The original ship date was October; now you're telling us January? 

Why don't you just use a power supply that's already certified? I don't 
about "new, swanky" power supplies. I just want one that works.


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> Sent: Wednesday, November 08, 2000 5:02 PM
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> Subject: RE: Repeater ship date
> Hey loopers,
> There has been some questions recently about the ship date of Repeater. 
> are waiting for the necessary certification of a new, swanky,
> power supply.
> This unfortunately has caused a delay in shipping somewhere
> between 30 to 45
> days.  The upside is that this new supply is way more compact and
> lightweight than the previous model so it should be well worth the wait. 
> know this is a pain in the butt...but we want you to be satisfied with
> Repeaters quality when it does ship.
> Respect,
> Damon Langlois
> Creative Director
> Electrix
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