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Re: [all] stereo to mono phase problems

> what is the nature of the source program material?
I've experienced the phase problem with a variety of sources and isolated 
to a problem  between the mixer and the amp + speakers. The mixer is an
Alesis32. Monitoring through the mixers headphone output does not exhibit
the same muddy result when panning to center.

I have ruled out the source as the problem. The source is fine when patched
directly to the amp (hence no panning to center). Is panning to center
inherently going ot cause a phase problem. Could it be the room or speaker
position causing a problem? The source is either mono tracks from a digital
multitrack deck, CDs, DJ-600 mixer output or mic input.

It appears to be a problem with the relationship between my cabling and/or
monitor wiring.

> a:c
> On Mon, 6 Nov 2000, Paul Buelow wrote:
> > I am looking for help with out of phase or muddy sound. Occasionally, I
have an "out of phase" problem if I select mix to mono through my mixer to
the amp and monitors. I understand this problem occurs from incorrect or
faulty wiring. I tried switching the polarity of one of the speakers and
vice versa. Could it be that the shielding has broken down in the cables
from the mixer to the amp? Any ideas about what to watch out for to resolve
phase problems or suggestions for references. By the way, if I record mono
channels and use a stereoizer for the final mix I can get a good mono
signal. I don't really want mono, but I would like t have the ability to 
to center without producing muddy sound. Thank you for all your
assistance. -Paul
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