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Re: [all] stereo to mono phase problems

If your problem is one of being out of phase, then switching the polarity
of only one of your monitors would fix the problem only if one entire side
(left or right) is completely out of phase with the other.  What is more
likely happening is that a stereo source coming into the mixer and panned
hard left and right is out of phase with only itself, leaving the rest of
the mix phase-correct.  If this is the case, switching the polarity of one
channel in your amp or monitor will only make the problem worse, as you may
fix one track, but ruin all the rest.

Many mixers have a "phase invert" function on the individual channels.  I
suspect that you may have inadvertently activated this function on only a
single input.  If that's not the case, then perhaps there's a similar
function further up the signal chain?  You need to isolate the instrument
or track that is sounding "muddy" (and often times the out-of-phase sound
is better described as "hollow" or "thin"--maybe we don't even have the
right diagnosis?), and track it's signal.

If the shielding in your speaking or amp cables is faulty, the likelihood's
is that you'd get a short, and not any out-of-phase problems.  I doubt this
is a concern.

This is my absolutely amateur analysis.

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I am looking for help with out of phase or muddy sound. Occasionally, I
have an "out of phase" problem if I select mix to mono through my mixer to
the amp and monitors. I understand this problem occurs from incorrect or
faulty wiring. I tried switching the polarity of one of the speakers and
vice versa. Could it be that the shielding has broken down in the cables
from the mixer to the amp? Any ideas about what to watch out for to resolve
phase problems or suggestions for references. By the way, if I record mono
channels and use a stereoizer for the final mix I can get a good mono
signal. I don't really want mono, but I would like t have the ability to
pan to center without producing muddy sound. Thank you for all your
assistance. -Paul