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Re: waldorf 4-pole


the Waldorf 4Pole is a fine external Filtersection,basically thought
for usage in synthesis.It is the Filter of the Microwave.

Eventhough-as standalone device-it can be used also for other
audiorealted work.And it is very flexible.

Use it as Pseudo Ringmodulator,or as Stereo AM,use it as Noisegate,
rudimentary compressor,Touchwah,over Midi as Wah-Wah,envelope
Follower and so on....

The 4Pole can be controled by a PC,recommended in a Sequencer,or just
an Editing Software.

Programms 21 to 24 are especially created for guitar.
Programs 21 to 40 are fixed Presets.1 to 20 are for Userpatches.

Please read the manual again-eventhough it is not a detailed one.

It has no overdrive,nevertheless you can overdrive the Inputsection,
but better not,it sounds not good.
Stringsounds can be realized with the VCA-Envelope.But be aware of the
Triggermode and time.
Controller routing is flexible ! 
Sweepsounds can be realized with slow LFO and Resonance.
The LFO is really great,it reaches from 0,008 Hz to around 241 Hz.
So a kind of Ringmodulation is possible.Really sick ! :-)

If more questions,contact me again


Henrique Roscoe wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd just bought a Waldorf 4-pole and it's really
> great.
> I want to know where I can find patches for it.
> Is there a way to edit the sounds by PC?
> I'm a guitar player and I'm using the guitar signal as
> an analog input.
> I'd like to know how can I get these sounds:
> - a long sweep sounf
> - a string like sound
> - a overdrive
> Thanks
> Henrique Roscoe
> (Brazil)
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