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Re: waldorf 4-pole

Henrique Roscoe wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd just bought a Waldorf 4-pole and it's really
> great.
it is 
> I want to know where I can find patches for it.
the problem with patches is that you never know what they were intended
read the manual again be sure to understand the words and concepts (The
waldorf manual is intended to people that already have experience with
the analog synth world)
more on analog synth in general 

> Is there a way to edit the sounds by PC?
Sound diver has a librarian and editor that works fine :very graphical
 you have all value in one window and could be a great help to
understand whats going on

> I'm a guitar player and I'm using the guitar signal as
> an analog input.
> I'd like to know how can I get these sounds:

> - a long sweep sound
assign cut off freq modulation to val 1 :LFO
go to lfo select the frequency and vaveshape
> - a string like sound
the original sound is your guitar so....
----violin attack------
vca envellope volume : 64
trigger: audio
create an envellope with a relative long attack
assign volume modulation source to val:1 lfo and
volume modulation to max
go to lfo select the frequency and vaveshape
> - a overdrive
crank the input but its ugly
better put the ditortion before the 4 pole

Good luck


> Thanks
> Henrique Roscoe
> (Brazil)
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