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Re: Repeater price {OT}

> Damon, Bill is exactly right. With all due respect I say: That is your
> problem. Find a way to make 'em cheaper. From what I've read in your PDF
> manual you have an incredibly awesome product (if it works :^). Now you
> an incredibly awesome price. Maybe you'll actually make money selling 
> "skins" for the front cover, or service, or software upgrades or...

Well, yes, ultimately it is Damon's problem, but by forcing prices down 
this, we end up with inferior product, manufactured in conditions that non
of us would want out families working in. It's this kind of hard bargaining
that has in part contributed to manufacturing being moved to countries that
have fewer health and safety regulations, thus saving money for the
companies, but contributing to the problems in a lot of countries in the 
east. Quite a few music equipment manufacturers are making stuff in China
now, where much of the factory labour is prison based, often people who are
wrongly imprisoned for 'political crimes', who are then forced to work in
inhumane conditions to make profit for the Chinese government and to
increase the profit margins for western companies who are heading towards
more and more price and quality cuts...

It's the logical concequence of share-holder as opposed to stake-holder
economics, and requires everyone who cares to do their bit.

I've no idea what Damon's stance is on ethical trading, but by driving the
street price lower and lower, more and more pressure will be on him to cut
prices, and cheap labour is one way of doing that, though the lack of
training involved in the work situation also means that quality suffers. If
I buy a Repeater I'd much rather know that it's been made and checked by
someone qualified, getting paid a sensible wage with all the health and
safety issues that we take for granted in most of the west being looked out


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