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Re: Echoplex and PMC-10--the "Undo Bomb" (This is Cool!)

>Hi there, fellow loopers--
>The Ztar is getting some little things done to it, so I have been forced 
>control the EDP by other means--that includes the PMC-10, and I have 
>a few patches in the meanwhile, one of which is a footswitch to send you 
>reverse--of course . . .

right... in the upgrade, there will be a simple MIDI command to do this.

>But the grand prize--it's the Undo bomb!  Simple record the undo button
>several times (mine is 6x) on a single footswitch and voila!  Back to 
>one in one swell foop!

hey, thats a great idea, Gary!

>Especially dramatic on short loops with different
>textures--it can't seem to get past reverse however--

no, thats not possible...


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