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Re: TC Electronics

Christian Leduc (03:37 PM 11.02.2000) wrote:

>At 11:58 00-11-02 +0100, you wrote:
> >>>>
>>Does anyone know the new TC Electronc D-Two delay? Is it a valid looping 
>I don't think you can consider it as a looping device... If you want to 
>loop with TC Electronic, I think you're better with the 2290 (if you are 
>rich enough)... The D-2 looks like a great unit though... It is probably 
>the next thing to buy in my list... I find the "RYTHMIC" delay thing very 
>appealing.. with the filters to emulate old analog devices...
>And it is quite affordable (500 $ US)...

Yeup, it's a wonderful delay line. Rhythmic delays are as fun as you think 
they would be, it sounds great, it has a wonderful MIDI implementation, 
UI is cool...

But I don't think you'd classify it as a loopers tool.