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Re: OT: Klein wood, chambers

At 7:29 PM +0100 11/4/00, Bruce Comens wrote:
>This is a late addition to the Klein thread back in September, which i 
>in the archive.
>Mine is due to be built any time now--or so I hope--and while I didn't 
>any trouble choosing pickups (Bardens) or the TransTrem, i'm still, or yet
>wondering about my choice of body wood.  Klein steered me toward solid
>basswood, but.....chambered swamp ash beckons--maybe it's only the visual

What visible lure: the chambers are invisible. The only chambered 
Klein that I've played had little cracks in the surface where the 
chambers are. This is not meant to be a commentary on the 
workmanship, the guitar had mistreated in other ways. At any rate, 
the chambers didn't seem to make a huge difference in the sound.

My Klein, which I got used, (thanks Keenan) is solid 
basswood/Bardens/TransTrem. I love it. I had been a Steinberger guy 
for several years, not being able to rationalize a solid body guitar 
at the Klein's price point. Suffice it so say that I still 
occasionally use one of my Steinbergers, but only because it has a 
synth pickup built in. The Klein just feels right.


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