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Re: OT rant from hell (was: AirFX)

Why not tour with one roadie who can tune a guitar off stage whil she has 
guitar in her hands and a spare in a stand right next to her.  Three 
guitars -
all acoustic.  The roadie can't be THAT expensive, making touring 
Unless Joni is playing exclusively at 100-seat clubs like Godfrey Daniels 
Bethlehem, PA?

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From: Rik Elswit <rik@well.com>
Subject: Re: OT rant from hell (was: AirFX)

>Dennis Leas writes:
>I didn't get that at all.   Back when she was touring extensively, she
>needed a truck, 2 roadies, and 30 guitars (some irreplaceable).   The VG8
>made it worthwhile for her to tour again, even though she isn't selling
>anywhere near as much product as she used to.  She has been heard gushing
>over the VG8 in several magazine interviews, not only for makeing touring
>cost effective again, but also for the creative impetus she gets from 
>some of the more synth-like sounds in it.    The VG8 was a true 
>instrument, and Line 6, Johnson Millenium, and Yamaha are all following
>Roland on this.