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Re: new toys was: AirFX

>>besides it's true--you can't make music with '70s synths and 
>>least that's my excuse  ;)

>  You canīt????? hell!! I will have to sell My Jupiters,Junos, Moogs and 
>my electroharmonix Gizmos and buy a Ms-2000!!! ;-D

No you have to sell all your vintage synths to buy the VST emulataions of
those same vintage synths. Because of the exact same sound, improved
internal VST timing vs MIDI timing, and they can have many more voices on
each 'synth'.

Didn't people learn anything when they all sold their analog to go digital
back in the eighties. I have read so many people proclaiming that thesxe
virtual synths are the best thing, and how they are going to sell all their
real synths since the virtual synths sound exactly the same.

Can anyone else see that a synth is not just how it sounds, it's also the
physical interface. I don't understand how playing an onscreen VST synth
can produce the same sort of emotion/feelings that playing a real chunk of
synth can give you. Grabing the filter cutoff knob and felling it warp the
sound in realtime, moving a small onscreen dial just doesn't compare, in my

Oh well, sell me all you old Moogs, Oberheims, Arps, etc. for cheap, since
they are all useless know that the same thing is a VST plugin.

What use are these virtual synths going to be when the company that
produced them is long gone, the OS and Audio app that supports them is long
gone, and the physical medium they are delivfered on (disk/CD) is
unreadable, etc.