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Re: pedal recommendations

Mountain Man wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I'm looking at buying a set of midi pedals to be used for controlling a 
> (when I get one), and also for doing things like sending sets of program 
> messages to my different synths, continuous controller messages from one 
>or more
> expression pedals, and ... oh yes, the appropriate commands to a looper 
>!  I'd
> really like a programmable unit that will allow multiple program changes 
> different midi channels with each button press.
> >From reading the specs of a number of pedals (some of which have *very* 
>little info
> online), it looks to me like the Rocktron Midi Mate might be my best 
>bet.  It
> allows for 5 simultaneous program changes per button.  Although the 
>PMC10 is highly
> touted here, it looks to me like I'm only going to get 2 per button. 

PMC 10 allows you to send 16 prg ch + any nb of controler + any other
midi messages youll want to.
all those at pedal press and the same quantity at pedal release 
basicly you enter any nb of messages you'll needthe only limit is the
pmc memory 

I currently work with 123 patches and 20 banks  so there is no real
practical limit
The only pedal that could replace pmc10 in everything is the rocktron
all access