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Digitech PMC-10 Midi Foot Controller Pedal available on Ebay



Digitech PMC-10 Midi Foot Controller Pedal


I bought this PMC-10 from an Ebayer who never used it.

I never used it either, I was keeping it as a spare, but now I'm selling 

The unit has been checked out at a repair shop to verify it is in working

This is one of the most versatile midi controllers ever.

The external device jack even lets you control non-midi devices (amp 
switching, sequencer start/stop, etc)

You can control almost anything with this pedal.

Built-in MIDI merge feature.

The only thing that keeps this unit from being absolutely mint

is the scratch underneath the unit, otherwise you couldn't tell it from 

Comes with the manual, power supply, and programming remote.

Free PC backup and editor program available at

>From the manual:

The PMC10 pedal board features 12 footpads with soft touch switches for 
of triggering, and a 20 character flourescent display.

The PMC-10 is versatile MIDI switcher, it is a powerful and expressive tool
by which musicians may stretch their musical imagination to the outer 
of creative possibility. It is designed as a performance tool, but is
equally at home in a studio setting, or any application where absolute MIDI
flexibility is demanded.

Unequaled performance functions, compact size, and affordable price place
the PMC-10 at the top of its class.

Standard features include:

500 Patches, each consisting of Patch Name, 2 different assignable MIDI
strings, definition for Continuous Controllers, and a Record Mode for each
MIDI string.

99 Banks operating in either 9-Patch mode (9 patches per bank) or 
Mode (unlimited-length sequence of Patches)

5 Sets that allow you to step through a sequence of Banks, which can, in
turn, allow you to step through a sequence of Patches using only one pedal!

2 Continuous Controller inputs, each assignable for up to 4 separate
Continuous Controller commands (3 local and 1 global) including polarity 
range selection of CCs.

MIDI filters, assignable for both MIDI command and channel.

Check this Out

The real power behind the PMC-10 is that each foot pedal can send 2
different midi strings

(midi string A and midi string B) and it can assigned the pedals to be
operated in four different modes

(Normal, Enhanced, Momentary, and Toggle)