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Re: OT: Princeton preamp

David Langenes wrote:

> Hi folks,
> Does anyone have any opinion on what pedal(s) work best for overdriving a
> '65 Fender Princeton? This is my first tube amp.
> Thanks
> ---David

i think this is a question for our friend claude voit.

just kidding, claude. anyway, i'd be happy to recommend one, as long as
you're planning to do some looping with it :-)

a first tube amp is a wonderful thing, if you can get it to distort (and
sometimes even if you can't- a clean tube tone can be very beautiful); any
of the usual suspects will do the job, i.e. tube screamer, rat, etc. there
are i'm sure as many opinions as there are pedals that people own, but
what's most important is what you want your music to sound like. i would
recommend going to one of those stores that has lots of pedals (preferably
one that isn't chock-full of testosterone-laden youth (or former youth) in
the throes of guitar-god emulation), and trying several out on smaller tube
combos (it also helps to use a similar guitar (the instrument i presume you
play) to that which you'll most often be playing with that amp). after a
while you will begin to bond with certain sonic characteristics, and this
may lead you to a decision. some pedals are more flexible than others, 
may be useful for getting more variety out of your amplifier; some are
one-trick ponies, but have a certain sound that can't be replicated by
anything else. you can go through a lot of gear purchases on the advise of
others, and still not end up with something you like (i know, this was my
experience when i first started buying equipment...). so, let your ears be
the judge!

i hope this helps.

lance g.

ps since this is a list devoted to looping, it helps to either a) include
looping in your topic, or b) put "ot" in the subject header so those not
interested in the vagarities of tube-dom can pass the thread by. just
friendly advise..