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Re: G.M.Koenig and his Loops

>"Bailey, Jim" wrote:
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> > > Sent: Saturday, October 14, 2000 8:30 AM
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> > > found an interesting interview with G.M.Koenig.In this interview he
> > > explains a lot of his electronic work in his busy
> > > times(1953-1959) at the
> > > electronic studio Cologne of the WDR Radio/TV-station.
> >
> > This is indeed interesting. Do you have the source for this? If it's 
> > it predates the use of this technique by Terry Riley, et al. at the San
> > Francisco Tape Music Centre, widely credited as the origin of 
>tape-delay. As
> > one who still uses this method, I'm intrigued.
>I thought TR learned it from a French recording engineer? I don't
>have time to check the history books right now....

Koenig is a real pioneer in a lot of things -- one of my university 
music pieces c. 1980 was "strongly inspired" by his techniques for 
a series of musical values.

But I never heard that he invented the tape delay!  But I believe that
Riley, whom I revere!, didn't invent it.

Now, <http://www.loopers-delight.com/history/Loophist.html>

>The two-machine tape delay and feedback system (which later evolved 
>into Frippertronics and digital loop delays) was apparently
>developed by members of the San Francisco Tape Music Center. It is 
>not clear who had the original idea, but it appears that it was Terry

isn't so clear, but mentions Stockhausen (who'd have been my first guess)
as using the tape head gap for delay purposes in 1965.

Didn't find any other good references on line.  My "books" (remember
books?) are all in storage right now, which make it hard to be
authoritative here...


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