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free looping show in NYC tomorrow!

[damn, I always forget to mail to youse guys... /t]

10/14: inside/outside w/slater, ritchford, yoffie, others


for immediate release>>>>>>
saturday, october 14th 7 PM
jeremy slater
tom ritchford
victora yoffie


inside/outside 00 ( ) remix

@sixth street gardens
(6th and B)
open to the public

Dimensions: 10' in diameter.

8 speakers, Mac, video monitor, MIDI guitar, MIDI wind, electronics,
effects, ambient/electronic improvised music with movement/dance

   "The Sanskrit word mandala means "circle" in the ordinary sense of
    the word. In the sphere of religious practices and in psychology it
    denotes circular images which are drawn, painted, modeled, or danced."
      -- Anthony Storr from "The Essential Jung"

   "An ambience is defined as an atmosphere, or a surrounding influence:
    a tint. Ambient music is intended to induce calm and a space to think.
    It must be able to accommodate many levels of listening attention
    without enforcing one in particular."
       -- from Brian Eno's original liner notes for Ambient 1: Music 
for Airports

inside/outside 00 ambient/reactive performance/sound installation with
12 speakers arranged in a circular (mandala) formation with four sources
of sound: live mixed computer sound  (real-time mix/ pre-recorded loops
of sound), and live sampled sound, MIDI guitar, MIDI flute, electronics,
and ambient sound from outside with computer illumination from beneath and
ambient and environmental footage.

The installation will stand alone.  Dancers move very slowly within the
performance space triggering sound and video in the computer with foot
switches located around the installation. The configuration of the
circular formation is based on the idea of the mandala. The sound and
movement is also circular. The sound is looping continuously with
real-time improvised music as the loops of sound with digital delay and
MIDI instruments interact to create a spiraling soundtrack. The movement
by the dancers is also based on the mandala formation and is a continual
attempt to maintain balance in a world that is environmentally damaged.
The piece is an attempt to center -- striving for the ideal image of a


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