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Re: Music Yo and the cheap/inexpensive guitars

"K. Michael Odnaloc" wrote:
> Hi there,
> I was wondering if any of you had tried any of the Kramer guitars from
> MusicYo?  I was thinking of getting one of the $69 strat copies and 
> some modifications and I was just curious if it would be worth it (is the
> guitar good enough to warrant putting the time and money into).
> Thanks in advance
> Kevin


sorry to interrupt but this is not a guitar list and even if it is
populated by a lot of noodlers
(me too) we should try to avoid "Out of Looping" subjects to keep our
other instrument members interested
we need their expertise and experiences with Looping to develop looping
among all musicians
see Andre's post "New Interview & The Infamous Guitar-Loop Paradigm"

there are hundreds of Guitar mailing lists on the net that can comment
those six strings topics

Please this is not an agression neither an exclusion just a 0.1 cent