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RE: Noises through pickups

Title: RE: Noises through pickups

Many of those devices are used to affect the strings by the magnetic field generated my the motor, and a cassette player will do that as well, but cassette players also have the additional benefit of allowing you to feed the audio into the pickups. I have tried using those little pocket memory devices (the little digital "memo to self"-type keychains), but find that they have trouble producing enough level to really work well. (I think they might work better if I were using a cleaner sound rather than distorted, ear-scratching feedback.)

I have to say, though, one of the coolest things I've seen fed into pickups is the human voice. Robby Aceto, who's on this list sometimes (Hi Robby!), used to sing into his pickups and sample it with a stomp box when he played with Red Letter.