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Re: not enough DL4 patches

Thanks for the idea, Todd!

Kindof a scary one, but a interesting idea nonetheless.  I opened the 
DL4 up once, to see if there was a user accessible EPROM chip (ala 
POD).  No such luck...i had to send mine in to get an update, since i 
bought one of the very first ones.  Seems like everything's packed in 
there pretty tight, but i'll check it out again.


>On Tue, 10 Oct 2000, rich wrote:
>>  example.  say you have the multi-head on a pretty fast delay time,
>>  and you turn the feedback way up, so it's starting to self-oscillate.
>>  then you slowly turn the speed down, really slow, so you get this
>>  deconstructing downpitch thing.  now you've got this noisy low rumble
>>  happening and you want to turn it off or fade it out.  Go ahead, use
>>  the expression pedal, but that sound is now going to speed up as it
>>  fades out, back to where the knobs were when you started.  you would
>>  pretty much have to get on your knees and adjust the mix manually,
>>  which is what i do mostly when we're doing alot of live knob
>>  twiddling.
>This reminds me of a mod a friend of mine made to one of his old Boss
>DD-5s (he had two in series).  To get that pitch dive/whistle effect that
>comes from a healthy tweak of the speed knob WITHOUT having to get down on
>his knees and pray to the digital god, he had a solder geek he knows pull
>out the pot and wire it into a gutted Wah pedal.  This pedal was then
>wired directly into the DD-5.  Imagine ripping the knob out and having the
>wires magically stretch out through the hole where the knob used to be and
>all the way over to a wah pedal; one covered with white shag carpeting no
>less.  VERY cool, and pretty much necessary given the DD-5s didn't have a
>tap-tempo input if memory serves.
>Anyway, couldn't you pull the Mix knob out of the DL4 and do the same?  I
>bet it would bypass all the preset mumbo jumbo that comes from wagging the
>expression pedal.
>An idea anyway. :)
>Happy looping.
>"If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear
>  to man as it is, infinite."  -- William Blake
>Todd Pafford   galen@erols.com