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Re: Newbie to the list

> Hey everyone, I'm brand-spankin' new to this list, and looping for that
> matter.  I haven't purchased a looping device yet, but that's why I 
> this list.  To tap the brains of people that are doing it right now.  
>I'm a
> guitarist, but also like techno music and the loops and beats that the 
> mix together.  I'll be buying a looping unit soon though...
> I was wondering if anyone knew of a new product I saw advertised in 
> Player mag this month.  It's called the Repeater, by Electrix
> (www.electrixpro.com).  Has anyone heard of this?  It's supposed to be
> released in the fall, but winter is upon us now...
> I look forward to talking with the people on this list!  Have a good one!
> Later,
> -Chris

welcome Chris

before all 

everything that has been discussed on the LD list about this promissing
new toy
should be here: (copypaste the whole URL)


good reading