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Re: speaking of Echoplexes...

>I was a very good boy and did a few extra contract jobs.  Now I've got a 
>of cash and it's got looper written all over it. (which is a Federal 
>but who cares?)
>So I guess my question is not if the Echoplex will be my tool of 
>choice, but is
>it available?  I put my name in at Alto music months ago when the first
>re-releases started shipping, but never heard back.  The Electrix page 
>11/15 is the release date of the Repeater.

As I observe the process at Trace, they will not quite make it for 
that date, but real soon afterwards...

>I'd love to be able to demo the two
>together, as they both sound great.  I'd also like to have 40 slaves 
>pealing me
>shrimp all day.

someone told me they are the cockroaches of the sea...

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