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Re: Anyone using a Rane SM 26B?

Allan Hoeltje wrote:
> I've been looking for the best way to split one signal into many (at
> least four) and then recombine the many back into one without buying a
> big hunking mixer with umpteen send/returns.  I came across the Rane web
> page and saw their SM 26B.  It is a one-to-six splitter or a six-to-one
> mixer in a single rack space.  It can also be configured as a
> one-to-three splitter _and_ three-to-one mixer or cascaded with other SM
> 26B's ad infinitum.
> I don't know the merits of a balanced buffered signal versus other
> signal varieties, so can someone tell me why a unit like this is needed
> when a simple patch bay should be able to do the same thing?
> Is anyone here using this unit?  Where did you get it?  How much did you
> pay?
> -Allan
> |: i repeat myself to relieve my stress :|

Rane is very cool and sturdy no problem (I have a AP13 acoustic guitar

but getting two SM 26B for your signal routing brings you near the price
of a switchblade 16 which gives you true matrix patching 16 in 16 out
and a lot of goodies to add
they even have a lower price unit the switchblade 8 
have a look there
download the software that is used to configure the blades to see what
it can do for you
I dont use a mixer and all my signals in and out are patched into the SB 
from there anything in any order paralell,serie etc etc 
75 presets