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Re: OT: PCM-10 mimmicing an FC-200

g716 wrote:
> Off topic, but I know this list has a number of FC-200 wizards on it....
> Problem:
> The FC-200 can be used to control the GP-100 or, in my case, the Boss 
> in "manual" mode.  That is, each pedal on the FC-200 toggles a specific
> effect on and off.  My GX-700 manual doesn't cover the MIDI 
> of this.  Does anyone know how to program the PCM-10 to do this -- or 
> how I might find out?
> thanks!
> Greg


you definitely need to find the midi implementation of your boss device
then if you have problems with PMC I can help

concerning the PMC : Sean, one of our list member has made RAYMOND the
ultimate and only PMC10 editor: get it for free at