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Re: edp upgrade?

At 12:40 PM -0700 9/21/00, Merseybeet@aol.com wrote:
>well as one of the very few echoplex endorsers...

I'm afraid I have no idea who you are either, although it can be difficult
to tell from an email address. you do have an interesting approach to
endorsing a product...:-)

You are definitely not one of the "very few", as there were many endorsers
signed up years ago. Not much was done with it though, since there wasn't
much need to put a lot of effort into marketing when every one they make
gets sold anyway.

>i am interested in the
>repeater because my echoplex has ben totally unreliable and gibson's
>repair policy is so incredibly lame... there is no certified repair
>station except their own and your are completely at their mercy.

Gibson used to have that "authorized service center" policy with the
echoplex. It did not appear to go very well at all. I've heard many stories
now of people having terrible problems with these authorized service
centers - getting it back months later, not fixed at all, no explanation. I
spent quite some time advising one of those places in hollywood. I sent
them documentation, explained the operation and the service proceedures to
them, gave them several phone numbers to contact me anytime for help if
they needed it, etc. They never called me and never asked for help, even
though they were obviously failing to service echoplexes properly. Clearly,
that was the lame repair policy!

So Gibson abandoned that strategy earlier this year. They set up their own
facility, headed up by Shane Radtke. Shane is a great guy, and by all
accounts he has been very effective at taking care of any echoplex
servicing. Why don't you contact him and get whatever your problem is taken
care of? You will have much better luck getting it corrected that way than
by moaning about on a mailing list. Shane is  sradtke@gibson.com,
1-800-544-2766 x206 or (847) 741-7315 x206.

I fail to see why this is a lame policy when it works and people are happy
with the results.

>offence, but i don't play in my basement (although i hear many folks make
>great music there...) but doing a live radio show being broadcast on 250
>radios stations and having the plex decide that today is not a working
>day... well... it just don't cut it.
>   i'm interested in anything that i can fly  (in a very expensive shock
>mount flight case) around the world and have it actually work when i get
>there. is that so wrong?

No, that is not wrong. And there are many people who do tour with
echoplexes without problems. Rather than sitting there stewing about it,
why don't you go get it fixed?


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