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Re: Repeater vs EDP plus a little philosophy...

At 9:33 AM -0700 9/22/00, Mike Biffle wrote:
>I'd add that I'm not a champion of the EDP... I'm totally stoked the
>Repeater is coming and will maybe get one to COMPLIMENT what I can do with
>the EDP. These two loopers might actually be great FRIENDS to cavort
>musically with... Why is there so much ridiculous dickering about who's a
>fucking engineer, who's musical etc? We ALL have tech requirements, AND we
>all have musical, spiritual issuses which inform our art / craft as well.
>Such mutual exclusion only leads to a form of musical fundamentalism where
>everyone besides yourself is WRONG. Please drop these petty arguments and
>realize that at any particular time in our community here, we might have
>discussions of ANY of these aspects and it's all part of our concerns
>vis-a-vis looping.

well said Miko.

>Once again. Thanks Kim for your kind, ongoing admin of our large looping
>community. I appreciate your attempts to inform us technically about a
>deep and complicated product in the face of childish and emotional attacks
>on your reputation. Good luck!

thanks for your kind words.

I must confess I have very, very little patience for people who use public
forums like this in a negative way, trying to bring harm onto others with
baseless accusations, rumors, exaggerated complaints, etc. Positive results
don't come from such negative efforts. Good things in the future will come
from working together to make it good, not from tearing down the people who
may one day help you.


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