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Pmc10 remote fix


here is a little trick that will fix any bad contacts of the remote
controler buttons of the pmc10

1-get yourself some graphite paint that is used by TV reparators to
re-shield tv tubes (I used a leftover from a graphite spray can that
once served me to shield the control cavity of my electric guitars)
2- open the remote with care
3- with a towel or q tips and some 90% alcool clean the contact surface
of the rubber buttons and the pcb 
3-spray some graphite on a piece of paper
4-take a litle stick and apply some paint on each of the recessed discs
that are inside the rubber buttons 
5-I did it a second time after it has dried
6-close the remote
8-Its works like new
9-send me a friendly note

easy ?!