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> But we dont want it just to loop. Once it has a DSP it shall do all
> kinds of effects and once it can record loops, it should be able to
> record everithing and thus should be able to mix and to add MIDI
> sounds and an analog synth maybe and it should have fingers to play
> guitar loops on some strings while we play solo on others and once it
> turns into a robot it will be able to tune the guitar and change the
> strings and build the guitar and thus build anything, evoluting
> beyond the GODBOX, slowly aproximating GOD...
....and as we finally reach the end of all our years of research and toil 
shall end up creating the ultimate musical device, the greatest intsrument
ever built by man, part Echoplex,Jamman,Eventide ,kyma, max, a little bit 
Stratocaster- whatever, this baby is gonna blow them all away.In mind I can
see it now, a musical instrument so perfect that it plays itself perfectly,
the most perfect piece of music ever played.I can almost feel the plastic
wrap float away as I wrench it out of the box it comes in to plug it into
the wall socket and fire it up.Through the crystal ball of time I can see 
hand reach out to the start button and push it..........

and it plays "Stairway to Heaven".