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Re: EDP update Group Buy [Claude Voit vs. The Repeater]

Claude says:

>now the reason of my provocative post is the fact that 26 people have
>already decided to spend almost 700$ on a product nobody that can speak
>has seen, heard, used.
>I did that once; never again. Thats also a reason I took on my free time
>the EDP wagon; by firing ideas and beta testing. So it'll be like I and
>you can use it without a glitch for any stupid,crazy,creative, way you

>I'll wait
>and play


As one of the 26 who's decided to spend *considerably* less than $700
(that's why they call it a group buy *discount*, call Alto yourself if you
want the details), I have no fear of being burnt.  If the thing's a
worthless piece of shit, I'll send it back and get my money back.  I can't
imagine it being massively flawed.  I've used the other Electrix stuff, and
it's solid gear.

I've owned all of the main loopers from the last decade or so (except the
JamMan, but I know many people who own them), and I'm unaware of any of 
which would qualify as critically flawed.  They do what they're designed to
do by any reasonable standards.  Offhand, the most major glitch I can think
of was the first version of the EDP software, which had a tendency to add a
"pop" sound after a loop had been reversed for a while.  There were some
other minor bugs, but those (and the reverse glitch) were addressed in the
updated software which has been shipping and available as a retrofit for
YEARS now.  

All of these devices were bought without me having played through them
first.  You can't figure out much by doinking on something in a music store
for fifteen minutes anyway.

Travis Hartnett
Tiktok, Seattle's premier one-man improvisational band.