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Re: EDP update Group Buy

Kim Flint wrote:

> well Italo, do you always sneak in and open your presents before it is 
> We've been teaching you for years, and we've dropped soooo many hints. 
> you not paying attention?

do not forget that as R is not out yet the only people you heard
speaking of the R
have a good reasons to have biased opinions (with a lot of respect of
what Electric does) they are as Kim tied to the absolute secret of their
holly Quest...

now the reason of my provocative post is the fact that 26 people have
already decided to spend almost 700$ on a product nobody that can speak
has seen, heard, used.
I did that once; never again. Thats also a reason I took on my free time
the EDP wagon; by firing ideas and beta testing. So it'll be like I and
you can use it without a glitch for any stupid,crazy,creative, way you

I'll wait
and play