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MUSICAL LOOPS: I'm playing Sunday 24 September w/Lukas Ligeti

Special performance: "Musical Loops": improvised electronic music with 
Ligeti and Tom Ritchford

Venue: PARKER'S BOX, 193 Grand Street (between Bedford and Driggs),
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Time: Sunday 24th September, 5-8pm

Lukas has given the name "Musical Loops" to this performance, to coincide 
"Modular Loops", the name of the visual art show we are performing
'within' at the gallery, comprising work by three artists - Tim Laun (New
York), Stefan Sehler (Berlin) & Gerard Williams (London).

There is no admission charge for this performance.

This is part of the Elsewhere: Williamsburg weekend event - with 33
Williamsburg and Greenpoint galleries putting on shows.

This is my first (public) performance with Lukas, a noted drummer
of great talent, and we'll be trotting out all sorts of new material.

This is a chance to check out my stuff for free!


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