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FS Sony PCM-2500 DAT deck (OFFF TOPIC)

before i stick it on Harmony-Central:

selling this guy which is an older pro model "portable" DAT deck--means it
runs off of a rechargable video battery, but it ain't a walkman--it weighs 

it is built like a brick shithouse with separate motors for play/record and
rapid tape transport--NEVER ate a tape while I had it (unlike the Sony DAT

for all you production people, does time code (LTC) in and out--also word
sync in

records at
44.056, 44.1, 48 from analog, also 32 digitally.  AES/EBU digital, balanced
analog mic inputs w/phantom power

retailed for about $6000 (according ot the DAT Heads equipment FAQ)  new 
back when--I bought it from an audiophile who was using it with a separate
D/A convertor

works great--heads in good shape

includes heavy duty production video grade outboard power supply, 
manual and I'll throw in about 17 new Maxell DAT tapes

jpegs on request

$ 575

Tom Lambrecht