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Re: I have a question

Go, Go, Go!

Don't be fooled by us crazies and our constant gear lust!  you've got 
a couple of great tools there...If you don't know a damned thing 
about it, just make some music on it and see what you have.  I think 
some of the more prolific contributors to this list have pushed their 
gear hard and learned what it can and can't do.  That's where the 
gear lust comes in.  "ooooh, that new thing can do THAT?"

As far as your question...you're a bit vague.  What exactly is it 
that you want the Groove Sampler to do?  If you're not sure, then ANY 
sampler is going to be a headache.  I'd love to have one of those 
beasts, but my gear lust wanders in different fields at the moment...

best of luck, i hope we can be of some help....


>This is my first time posting on this list , and although I don't know a
>whole lot ( actually not 90%) of what you guys are sayin' , it's nice to 
>that if I do have a question about equiupment that you guys'll be able to
>answer them . So I'll ask....
>About a month ago I invested a little on the SP-808 Groove Sampler by 
>. I bought this machine without know a damned thing about sampling and was
>wondering if it was worth it or not ? I've never been on any other type of
>sampler . Does anyone have any tips on how to make this machine do what I
>want it to do  , or do I upgrade .
>P.S. I have it connecting to an MC-505 , what else would you guys add , I
>have no idea
>Thanx               The Groove-Kidd