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I have a question

This is my first time posting on this list , and although I don't know a 
whole lot ( actually not 90%) of what you guys are sayin' , it's nice to 
that if I do have a question about equiupment that you guys'll be able to 
answer them . So I'll ask....

About a month ago I invested a little on the SP-808 Groove Sampler by 
. I bought this machine without know a damned thing about sampling and was 
wondering if it was worth it or not ? I've never been on any other type of 
sampler . Does anyone have any tips on how to make this machine do what I 
want it to do  , or do I upgrade .

P.S. I have it connecting to an MC-505 , what else would you guys add , I 
have no idea

Thanx               The Groove-Kidd