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Re: in support of conservatism

i think the real problem with "gearism" is when
creativity is replaced with the process of acquisition
or when creativity is postponed while waiting to
"complete" a setup.

i don't think my setup will ever be complete in that way.
in the same sense, i don't think my musical style will ever
be complete

sometimes a simple approach is best and a minimal setup
frees the creative mind from technical considerations;
and sometimes a more complex array of tools is necessary
to say what needs to be said.

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> True, some gear fetishists produce little to no music, but on the other
> if you have the technical ability and the imagination, having a "Better"
> tool will expand your vistas of creativity.  Also if you have invested
> hours learning how to use a device and are happy with the results you
> create, why dump it for something new and better.  I have rarely ever 
> new piece of kit that has duplicated all of the feature set of previously
> made gear. Something always get's left behind.  I buy new gear from time
> time, but rarely replace anything.  I still have to complete my Studio 
> PA.
> sm
> 1st...
> > > but i think [Repeater] will be an addition to my toolset.
> > > rather than a replacement.
> >
> Then...
> >"...the buy, sell and trade approach (where a relatively capable person
> >scores a great piece of gear or two, but somehow gets
> >                   caught up in the never-ending cycle of what might be
> >better. Consequently selling and trading their equipment all the time in
> >hopes of one day attaining the
> >                   "perfect" setup...these types , while often amassing 
> >great deal of gear, never seem to produce a drop of music.) ..."
> >
> >--quoted from Sunshine Jones's "A Beginner's Guide to home Studio
> >Recording"
> >
> >r.s.
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