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Re: Sharks Lungs in Haggis


get the real programs with the real manuals or ask anything that hasn't
to do with cracked software and you'll get my happy answers or comments
to any question or thoughts
untill then you will get ruder reactions on this "warez" issue in a lot
of mailing lists/newsgroups where experienced users hang around 
specially if this is your first post after just signing in

anyway lets stop that, its of no interest 

and dont feel offended it wasnt my point

please stay around check the Loopers delight site to get a grasp of how
and why we are here



Jonathan O'Riordan wrote:

> Claude,
> Thank you for your rude and abrupt response. It is refreshing to know 
> when someone asks a simple question regarding software to a group of 
> fluent in its workings, that rather than getting a helping hand, you get 
> rude response. That is exactly what I joined this mailing list for, not 
> fact to share thoughts and information about electronic recording and
> performance with those who of similar interestes (a rare thing these 
> but have people shout me down for daring to ask such a question. AS far 
>as I
> knew when I was introduced to this mailing list it was for free movement 
> information between like-minded people.  I got the response I needed from
> another source and it took three short sentences to explain it. Next 
>time, I
> would prefer if you would either reply with some helpful comments or not 
> all. What was the point in putting effort in replying with a smart-ass
> response. All it did was waste my time and make you look petty.
> Regards,
> Jonathan
>         From:   Claude Voit [SMTP:c.voit@vtx.ch]
>         Sent:   08 September 2000 19:41
>         To:     Jonathan O'Riordan
>         Subject:        Re: Can any one guide me along the bumpy road 
> Acid to Cubass...
>         Jonathan O'Riordan wrote:
>         >
>         > They don't have manuals when you are using pirated software.
>         Thats what I understood
>         ask the ones that pirated the software for help
>         I wont
>         have a nice day
>         Claude