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Re: dream box

Yes, you can do this sort of thing in Kyma. You could even shuffle your small loop back and fore in the large loop or time stretch /compress loops using granular options - nice:)
much like the Line 6 lets you record backwards and half speed.. but with more control.
And finally, and most importantly.. the ability to loop smaller points of the larger loop, and overdub over those.

Ah yes, this is a tricky one, because when you stop looping the sub-loop an d go back to a longer loop, you might end up with clicks at the edges of the sub-loop. I have been trying to solve that problem with little crossfades at either end of the sub-loop, but I want to be able to keep playing the larger loop while recording into the sub-loop also, and haven't quite figured out how to keep the crossfades perfect at all times. I was ready to bail on this feature but it's cool to hear that someone else has thought it would be useful, so I'll try and get back into it.

Hmm.. any ideas folks?

Please let me know if you would be philosophically, pragmatically, spiritually, nutritionally or legally open to a software solution. I can't promise a release yet but I am taking the looper I have been working on for the past three years a wee bit more seriously lately, since there seems to be more people interested in live radical loop-munging then I previously would have guessed. I think the hardware products are great for what they do, and they do a lot, but I do not know of any that let you overdub simultaneously into multiple backwards varispeed loops, while playing complex sequences of subsegments of other loops, in 5.1 surround, and that's the sort of sonic mess I like to make.

-Alex S.