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RE: dream box

I wouldn’t know myself, but I bet Kyma could do it.





Tellme. News. Stock quotes. Movies. Excellent.


biz's house of fun is temporaily unavailable. In the meantime, say 'extensions' and '76255' to get to biz's secret Tellme game.


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Subject: dream box


I have a dream box.. maybe tho, it's possible with hardware i have yet to come across.


But anyway, what I'd like.


Long loop time... (single loop is ok.. but up to 5 mins) should be alright.

The ability to control the pitch (with a knob) and speed (same) at any point in the loop.. and be able to record with those changes,

much like the Line 6 lets you record backwards and half speed.. but with more control.

And finally, and most importantly.. the ability to loop smaller points of the larger loop, and overdub over those.


Hmm.. any ideas folks?